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At the end of May our team was contacted by a 22 year old man and his girlfriend who were just kicked out of their apartment with their 5 month old baby by their Landlord. The story of Meddy Richard was truly heartbreaking. The young man lost his job during the pandemic and attempted to obtain another job. He applied for many jobs on platforms such as Indeed and was unable to find a workplace that would hire him. His girlfriend, Nelly, gave birth in January. In February, their landlord cut the heat to push them to leave the apartment as they were behind on rent. Their baby was 3 weeks old. Thanks to cleaning jobs that they obtained through their contacts, they were able to catch up on rent.

Having no family members who could welcome them in their home, they had no where to go. Our organization stepped up and reached out to other local organizations. Through a collaboration with other local organization and the support of many of you, we were able to move the family into a new home in June. Both Meddy and Nelly will continue their studies at the University of Ottawa this fall. Their baby girl is doing great!

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