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AFRO WORLD FEST - Standing together to celebrate black cultures in Canada and challenge racism!

Our team at Equal Chance is excited to work on the AFRO WORLD Festival which is set to be from September 4th until September 6th 2020 at the Landsdowne Park.

The Afro World Festival is a project of the Equal Chance Foundation which aims to bring together the Canadian society to discover, share and celebrate Black and Black African cultures in Canada through Music, Arts, Fashion and Food while challenging stereotypes around Black people and people of African descent. The Festival will also allow International and National guests to discover the Nation's Capital, Ottawa.

This initiative is part of Equal Chance's efforts to break the stereotypes, fight racism, discrimination and promote unity, love and respect among all members of our society. Our team has been working closely with local artists to build the "Unity wall" on which members of the public will be invited to paint, draw and write empowering messages of unity, love and respect.

The Afro World Fest will also provide an opportunity to local artists, organizations and businesses to showcase and to share their work with the rest of the city. The Festival is a family friendly zone. A children's zone will welcome children and their families for three days of fun, creative, empowering and discovering activities which include, but are not limited to traditional craft sessions, interactive games and sessions with traditional story tellers.

We are excited to welcome you all to the AFRO WORLD FEST from September 4th until September 6th 2020. It is only united that we can challenge stereotypes and racism! We are proud to unite and welcome ALL people! For more information on the festival and how to get involved, please feel free to contact our team at:

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