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We are honored to share that our organization received the 2021 Outstanding Achievement Award from Ottawa Crime Prevention for our Crime Prevention programs for at-risk youth and children on November 8, 2021. The awards, handed out by Crime Prevention Ottawa, are designed to recognize and give thanks to residents behind grassroots efforts to help their community.

Gwen Madiba, President of Equal Chance shared this message: I am honored to inform you that I received the Crime Prevention “Outstanding Achievement Award” from the City of Ottawa and Crime Prevention Ottawa alongside\ other community leaders who spent the summer dedicating their time, energy and resources to support the most vulnerable children and youth in our community.

To receive the Outstanding achievement award from our city, Ottawa is truly an honor and a blessing! But this award belongs to all the people who support our programs at Equal Chance and make them possible. This is why, after the award ceremony, I met up with Howard H W Stanley and members of his bike club to hand him the award because he deserves it as much as we do! He went above and beyond for one of our programs and provided over 40 free bikes to homeless children in temporary housing.

It truly takes a village and we would never be able to sustain any of our programs without the community! To all of you who help us feed the community; who help us develop programs, who show up even on rainy days, this award belongs to you.

To Joe Doherty who also helped us obtain bikes for the children and who provided funds for families during the holidays, this award is yours as well.

To the Otto’s group, Otto’s BMW and Otto’s Subaru, Sonia and Arief and the whole Otto’s team, James Jefferson, this award is for you!

This award belongs to every single one of you who contribute constantly the près ou de loin!

Merci beaucoup! #CPOAwards

I pray that I can continue to honour my mission on earth that is being in service of others.

Thank you Crime Prevention Ottawa. Thank you to the City of Ottawa.

Thank you Reverend Bailey!

Thank you Councillor Mathieu Fleury for being a great advocate!

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