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Over the past two years, our team at Equal Chance has worked with many homeless families, children, youth and individuals. Our goal is to help end homelessness and to provide families and individuals with support throughout their journey towards finding a permanent home.

In January, while doing our daily food deliveries, a single mother of three begged us to enter her apartment to witness the horrific conditions in which she and her boys lived. We were horrified to discover mold all over her room, her bed and that of her children. The family of four lived in a 2 bedroom apartment that the mold had taken over. The mother who was previously supported by Ontario Works was desperate to get out of this place. Unfortunately, she had developed health issues due to the mold. With the help and support of community members, Equal Chance was able to move her out of this place and help her family find a much safer home. Today, the family is thriving and has even received their permanent residence.

This month of June, our team was able to move a single women and her four children who resided at the shelter into their forever home. What a moment it was! Over the past two years, we have witnessed and assisted Victoria and her older son search for jobs and work hard to ensure that the family never lacked anything. Like many other single mothers in shelters across the country, Victoria came to Canada with the hope to build a better life for her children and her. Her goal has always been to contribute to the Canadian society and get out of homelessness. Victoria is a hard working Personal Support Worker (PSW). Equal Chance has been assisting Victoria in looking for permanent housing; with culturally relevant nutritious food for her family and through our employment program. On June 15, 2021, our team was able to move her into her new home where she now has enough rooms for every one of her children and herself.

In August, we will be moving two other families into their forever home. We look forward to sharing their stories with you. It truly takes a village and we sincerely thank every single one of you who are contributing to helping us move families into their new homes.

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