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Equal Chance Dialogue: Women: Between challenges, opportunities & success

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

On May 2nd 2019, Equal Chance organized a dialogue between women in various domains and women, girls & gender diverse people who desired to obtain tips on how to find balance in their careers and overcome challenges. The inspiring dialogue welcomed Parliamentary Secretary Pamela Goldsmith Jones, South Africa High Commissioner in Canada, Sibongiseni Dlamini-Mtambo, Diplomat & Acid attack survivor Valerie Assele, Baker Arnold Baptista, Former Minister of Sports and Youth of Gabon, Nicole Assele, Talent agent Angie Sakla-Seymour, Former track Athlete & Designer, Charifa Labarang, Business woman Jamilah Taib-Murray and Policy Adviser to the Minister of Global Affairs Canada, Nadia Hadj-Mohammed.

Charifa Labarang addressed the folks in the crowd; sharing her inspirational story as a Former track & field Athlete who had to make a difficult choice to finally live the life that she desire.
Former Track & Field Athlete Charifa Labarang gave a moving speech on her journey towards finding herself and achieving her goals

The uplifting conversation allowed the panel to share their stories of resilience, perseverance, challenges and success with members of the public. The attendees were also invited to share their stories in a very productive and motivating dialogue.

High Commissioner of South Africa in Canada, her Excellency Sibongiseni Dlmani-Mtambo shared her incredible story of strength, growing up as a black girl in a country divided by Apartheid. The journey to become an Ambassador was not easy, however, she never lost faith and pushed as hard as she could to become whom she always knew she was!

A teacher once told me that I had two handicap: being a woman and being black; little did he know these were in fact my biggest strength.

Minister Maryam Monsef who was unable to attend the event due to a scheduling conflict sent opening remarks which were read at the beginning of the dialogue.

The Importance of creating spaces of dialogue

Creating spaces in which women can share and exchange with one another is important. Indeed, throughout this dialogue, both attendees and panelists agreed that spaces such as this, allows folks to broaden their network and knowledge. Furthermore, it serves as a boost to motivate some of them to pursue their efforts and never give up, regardless of the circumstances.

Award winning Baker Arnold Baptista shared some tips on balancing family life and work. She insisted on the importance of faith and self-love in the journey towards achieving our goals and dreams.

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