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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Empowering Black girls in Canada: She can, she will; end of story!

Investing in black girls' education because they deserve an equal chance to thrive and succeed in our society.

"When you empower young girls, they become women who uplift, inspire and empower nations and generations around the world." - Gwen Madiba Equal Chance is thrilled to announce new programs for black girls and women in Canada. Empowher will provide our girls and women with resources, tools and guidance while offering them a unique opportunity to meet successful black women from around the world who are defying the conventional each and every day to occupy the positions, places and spaces that they deserve. Our youth employment program and EMPLOYHER will also assist our girls and women with employment opportunities. The UPLIFT Mentorship program includes an after school program from our girls, boys and gender diverse youth to ensure their total success at school.

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