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Moving families into their forever home: The work doesn't stop at Equal Chance

For the past years, Equal Chance has been working hard to advocate for housing and better living conditions for homeless Black families in Ottawa. Every time a family gets a home and a chance at rebuilding their lives, we rejoice and continue to accompany them.

Today, we are happy to inform you that three families that we have been advocating for and working with for the past two years finally obtained their forever home. We have helped the families move into their homes and have fully furnishes their houses thanks to the generous who have donated furniture, home items and even funds.

One of the families who moved is led by a mother from Rwanda who has been struggling for the past two years. Not only has her family faced great financial challenges but their mental health started taking a toll when her husband's immigration papers started being delayed. Her husband is still in Rwanda and struggling to keep his mental health. The family only wants to be reunited. Our immigration team at Equal Chance is following this file and helping in the process of reuniting this family.

Many homeless families face a lot of issues. Sometimes, just having a person or organization to speak with brings them a sense of hope and some relief.

We will continue to work closely with this mother and her children. We will keep you updated!

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