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Happy Friends


Our initiatives for Black women and girls are unparalleled in their scope and impact, providing extraordinary opportunities that span across Canada and beyond. From mentorship programs and educational scholarships to leadership summits and international exchanges, we are dedicated to opening doors and unlocking pathways to success for Black women and girls everywhere. Our efforts extend far beyond borders, ensuring that Black girls and women have access to resources, networks, and experiences that ignite their potential and amplify their voices on a global scale. Through these initiatives, we not only empower individuals but also cultivate a culture of Black girl joy—celebrating resilience, excellence, and the boundless possibilities that arise when we uplift and support one another. Join us in shaping a future where every Black girl and woman thrives, shines, and embraces her full potential.


Meet our United Nations 

An experience and opportunity that opened many doors for our young Black women

Our United Nations Delegates initiative is a testament to our commitment to amplifying the voices and aspirations of young Black women on the global stage. By providing five exceptional young women with the opportunity to attend the United Nations' CSW conference, we opened doors to a world of inspiration, empowerment, and collaboration. These delegates not only had the privilege of meeting remarkable women leaders across diverse fields but also actively engaged in discussions, sharing their unique perspectives and insights. The experience was transformative, as they forged meaningful connections and cultivated partnerships with international agencies, laying the groundwork for impactful collaborations. One delegate's encounter with the First Lady of Liberia led to the development of a sports philanthropy project, exemplifying the potential for real-world change that arises when young women are empowered to step into their power and make their voices heard on a global scale. Through our United Nations Delegates initiative, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow and driving meaningful progress towards a more inclusive and equitable world.


The Healing Cafes

Because it takes a village sometimes

Our team at Equal Chance hosts monthly Healing Cafes, a sanctuary for Black women and girls to find solace, sisterhood and strength. In our cozy and welcoming space, we come together to share our journeys, celebrate triumphs and embrace one another with love, compassion and unwavering support. This is a private and safe space for Black women and girls where stories are shared, tears and shed, and laughter echoes. It's a place led by mental health specialists and surrounded by fellow sisters where hardships are met with understanding and resilience nurtured through community.

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